CSA Creative LLC has recently completed the following projects for our clients.

Editorial Services

  • ELA grades K–1: Texas reading SE, TE, ancillaries
  • Math grades 9–12: applied math digital lessons
  • ELA grades 6–12: practice assessments for Texas STAAR and TELPAS, Ohio
  • Spanish grades 1–6: Texas spelling SE and TE
  • ELA grades 3–8: review and practice assessments for Pennsylvania
  • Social Studies grade K: SE and TE
  • ELA grades 2–3: Texas reading TE
  • ELL grades 4–10: California reading newcomer digital units
  • Math grades 3–5: SE proofreading and answer checking
  • Social Studies grade 5: passages and instruction

Alignment Services

  • Gap analyses and correlations to multiple state standards
  • Correlations to be used for state textbook adoptions in all subject areas (ELA, math, social studies, and science)
  • Reverse correlations
  • Multistate assessment alignments
  • Program alignments to curriculum maps for specific school districts
  • IMET rubric evaluations for ELA and mathematics
  • EQuIP and PEEC evaluations for science
  • WIDA PRIME V2 correlations
  • Alignment to online curriculum management tools

To request a sample of work, please email