Publishing Services Specialist

As part of the CSA team for 15 years, Pauline has been an integral part of CSA’s publishing services division for most of her tenure. She has developed an expertise over the years in editorial, grammar and language mechanics, and product quality control. With a knack for attention to detail and recognizing subtle content inaccuracies as well as foreseeable problems, she contributes to the overall integrity of the end product, not only ensuring necessary accuracy but also consistency across large product content platforms. Prior to CSA, Pauline worked for several years as an assistant editor for a telecommunications research company that provided technical training programs to leading companies around the world. 

Pauline’s experience covers a wide range of products, from pre-K through grade 12, and includes working with continued education for adults and professionals.

Her diligent work, contributing to engaging and accurate digital and print products, includes the following:

  • Copyediting and cold reading educational materials, grades K–8 and 9–12, in reading, social studies, science, and math
  • Ensuring that student activities are factually accurate and relevant to the core lessons
  • Ensuring that teacher guides accurately compare to lessons in student guides, both in content and form
  • Copyediting programs for national award ceremonies for the American Bar Association
  • Copyediting digests of Supreme Court cases and analyses for the American Bar Association, including intensive legal citations
  • Copyediting manuscript pages on various topics of law for the American Bar Association
  • Managing and performing copyediting and fact-checking projects for national publications, including National Geographic, in the sciences and social studies
  • Indexing
  • Performing alignments across all content areas

Pauline earned a BA in psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.