Lisa Panka
Senior Editor - Editorial Services

For nearly 20 years, Lisa has dedicated her professional life to developing high-quality curriculum for the pre-K–12 educational publishing industry with expertise in pre-K–8 ELA, as well as pre-K–5 social studies, science, and math. As CSA’s Senior Director of Editorial Services, she encourages her team to reach out to students through the curriculum development process and provides motivating and inspiring mentorship. Lisa excels at leading her teams from the concept stage to print and digital
deliveries and working with the Alignment and Production Services groups to ensure continuity within the product.

Lisa has been a key contributing member of teams in developing and supporting the development of programs for publishers and other development houses, including Pearson, McGraw-Hill Education, LearningMate Solutions, MPS North America (formerly Element, LLC), and RR Donnelley. She has managed teams both large and small and has worked many projects from start to finish, including postproduction ancillary products and assessment materials. Lisa’s teams have worked on programs specializing in and relating to the following:

  • ELA and Math materials, pre-K–12, digital and print
  • Social Studies and Civics content development, learning platforms, and lesson designs for new products, grades K–12
  • Writing content for e-learning programs teaching ESL to students based outside of the US
  • Building editorial teams for grades K–12 and working with sales teams to foster client relationships to ensure clear client communication
  • Customizing ELA tests to match standardized testing styles
  • Writing and editing ELA assessments
  • Writing and editing lessons for high school equivalency programs
  • Managing and developing a custom higher-education textbook

In addition to her work as Senior Director and Project Manager, Lisa has dedicated time to working as a freelance editor and editorial manager and has run her own freelance editorial services business, gaining management experience and useful tools to ensure contract adherence to compliance, deadlines, and budgets.

Before entering the curriculum development world, Lisa spent several years teaching preschool through fifth grade, both in affluent districts and lower-income communities.
These experiences contributed to her ability to teach a wide array of topics to all students.

Lisa holds a MA in Elementary Education Administration from Northeastern Illinois University and a BA in Elementary Education and Psychology from Barat College of DePaul University. Lisa is passionate about providing quality instructional materials to all students and teachers.