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John Kovacs
Senior Director - business development

John has more than 25 years of leadership, management and hands-on business development experience in educational publishing. Early in his career, John developed a passion for client satisfaction and a unique skill-set for detailed accuracy, pub-planning, and execution as plant scheduler and later as an account manager for the DataComp Corporation, a technology division of the Herbick and Held Legal and Financial Printing Company. He later brought his business development and publishing experience to Monotype Composition (now Six Red Marbles) as vice president of sales and marketing, where he transformed company business operations and services, recruited and hired editorial and design directors, and created separate editorial and design business units. During his career, John actively leveraged his executive experience in understanding and anticipating client needs, building long-term client relationships for several leading educational and specialty development companies.

John’s career highlights include the following:

  • Established and launched the first industry-wide full-service editorial development, design, and production services company within the K–12 marketplace

  • Successfully restructured and expanded company operations and services for three ed-tech development companies

  • Conceptualized, managed, and created new publisher support teams and services; recognized and achieved preferred vendor status as the lead developmental supplier for focus group support and pilot programs

  • Increased acquired lines of editorial and technology development by more than 40% per year and improved operational efficiencies by streamlining internal processes and client reporting mechanisms and increasing publisher/client approval and sales revenue

  • Consistently cited as an advocate for empowerment, collaboration, growth, and positive change; led publisher/client group support initiatives to develop strategic biz-dev publishing partnerships, vendor training, and alliances

John consistently raises the standards bar, applying his years of business development expertise and understanding of client-publisher learning platforms and products to enhance the student-teacher experience, improving his support and responsiveness to engage impactfully with our clients and increase market share.

John studied at St. Peter’s College and majored in accounting. He is an active advocate for financial education and community service as an organizer for the Franciscan Feed the Homeless initiative, marathon runner and fundraiser for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.