Who We Are:

CSA is an editorial development house with more than 25 years of experience working with clients in educational and professional publishing.

Our staff produces high-quality curriculum for Pre-K, K–12, and collegiate levels in:

  •   language arts
  •   mathematics
  •   social studies
  •   science 

We also develop professional association periodicals in academic, cultural, industrial and public service areas.  

We pride ourselves on a consistent track record of delivering on time, on budget, and in tune with our clients’ needs and expectations.

What We Do:

Editorial: projects of all sizes from concept and prototype development, to content and standards-based writing, to copyediting and proofreading 

Design and Production:  prototype layouts and templates, page design, and file management

Correlations:  align content to national, state, and private educational standards, perform gap analyses, assessment alignments, product-to-product correlationsetc.


Contact Us:

Creative Services Associates
6643 N. Northwest Hwy.
Suite 250
Chicago, IL 60631

Phone: 847-483-9322
Fax: 847-483-9344