DebI MAndra
Senior Director Strategic Planning & Business Development

Debi has been involved in educational publishing for over 20 years. Her experience started at Pearson Education as a production manager and progressed to the level of managing editor. As a managing editor, she directed multiple cross-functional teams of up to 70 members, driving the development of new product to meet market demands. Debi also led the collaboration of internal and external teams to determine content, pedagogy, and marketing strategy for programs, negotiated vendor pricing and executed contracts, created departmental budgets, schedules, and quality assurance systems, developed resource assignments, hired and managed outside vendors, and facilitated executive buy-ins.
In her sales positions, Debi has leveraged her communication skills, project management, product definition, client-management and employee relations skills to build new client relationships and grow company revenue.

Debi’s career highlights include the following:

  • Led cross-functional project teams that created new and innovative products, capturing large market share
  • Conceptualized, managed, and grew new product line to become the second-highest revenue source for the company, with the only higher-revenue product line being a long-standing flagship program
  • While in a sales position, demonstrated exceptional people management and problem-solving skills by stepping into the role of project manager to get production teams back on track resulting in the timely delivery of a large technology project with high client satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiencies by streamlining production and design process that facilitated quality output in weeks instead of months; systematized and standardized financial/product approvals as well as product development process and protocols
  • Led initiative to retrain staff and developed product-specific training and professional development to win back confidence and reestablish relationships with two large clients
  • In the first three years, brought in over $21M of editorial and technology opportunities from a new market to the company

Debi has been able build her client relationships as a result of her extensive background as a publisher and as a vendor. She always steps into her client’s shoes to assess projects from a publisher’s perspective and therefore to anticipate what is required to exceed their expectations.

Debi holds an AAS in Medical Technology from State University of New York Farmingdale and completed a one-year Hematology internship at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York.